Oceans Of Sadness 1995 – 2011

This was the official website for Oceans of Sadness, a progressive metal band from Belgium, whose last show before the breakup of the band was on 10/06/2011.
Content is from the site's 2002-2011 archived pages.

Enjoy a nostalgic trip back ....

Fuckin' Hell!

Welcome to the official Oceans of Sadness website!

We are a fairly progressive metal band from Dessel, Belgium. So far we've realeased three albums and our fourth album, tentatively called "Mirror Palace", is just about to go! (You can find some soundclips in the music section of the site). There's also a bunch of gigs booked so make sure to check our tour schedule!

As a band we're trying to expand the borders of a metal scene that some pricks claim has come full circle. Well, think again! Oceans' is a blend of a lot of metal styles and also has a lot of influences from the world outside of heavy metal. Probably that's the way you as a listener work too!

So another "Fuckin' Hell!" from Belgium and check back soon!

/ Oceans of Sadness



Date: Friday 10/6/11
Location: JC Spin (we’ve set up a tent in front of the youthcentre!), 2480 Dessel (BE).
Door open @ 19:30u.
Entrance Fee: 5€
Kick-off Thurisaz: 20:30u
Kick-off OOS: 22:00u
Afterparty @ JC Spin @ midnight!

Your last chance to dance so BBBEEEEEEE THEREEEE!!!!


Oceans Of Sadness 1995 – 2011


Dear friends,

First of all we want to thank all of you for supporting Oceans Of Sadness during these last 15 years.

Thanks to you we had the chance to do a lot of cool things, much more than we ever dreamed of 15 years ago…

During these 15 years we’ve never really tried to be part of any particular scene musicwise and our image has always been the last thing we cared about. Creating our own sound and writing original and inspiring metal has always been our only real goal and we are proud of the road we travelled during the 5 albums we recorded, with “The Arrogance Of Ignorance” being the last one, released in 2008 on Scarlet Records.

We are really proud of all our music and we ourselves have always believed that we kept getting better and better at what we wanted to do.

But now we feel that our story may have been told…. Theoretically we could easily go on for another 15 years… but we won’t.

We feel time has come for us to relax for a while and who knows what happens in the future… I’m pretty sure all of us will continue making music, maybe together, maybe seperately, but more important is that we all have the feeling we can now close this chapter of our lives with pride and dignity.

We’re not the kind of guys to close a door and throw away the key forever, not at all… however, we don’t have the intention to come back in this shape in a few years either… music is about creativity and challenging yourself and right now we feel we got stuck in some sort of routine for quite a while now… we lack the energy to record yet another album, again negotiating with labels, just to end up with another deal that only costs us a lot of money, followed by a few shows… We’ll see what happens in the future, like with everything in life: nothing is certain…

On a positive note:

To celebrate the end of Oceans Of Sadness in style we decided to leave the scene with a blast and do a special last show.

The date and other details will be released when all is certain.

Thanks for everything! We hope you will enjoy our music for many years to come!


How Cauwie became a father

Yesterday afternoon Tom, our guitarist, became a proud father of a beautiful baby girl named Layla. Congratulations Tom!

This also means that tonight’s show in Antwerp (BE) will probably happen as a 5-piece band instead of a 6-piece… we’re not sure how this will work out exactly on stage but we figured this option is …cooler than canceling the show, no?

As a baby present the boys and I decided to look into buying one of the round pillow dog bed designs we found online figuring it should be about the right size for a newborn yet still have room as the kid grows. And then later it could be used as a pillow, foot rest or at the appropriate time for an actual small sized dog. Of course the dog bed we are looking at are the round pillowy sort which would be more comfortable as a pillow than one of those dog beds that looks like a miniature bed or has sides. Sides might be better for a newborn, though. Oh, well, we'll figure it out and send a gift as soon as possible. Congrats, Tom.

Hope to see you there!


A small step…

For these 6 suckers it’s a small step from both Progpower Europe as Progpower USA to Frietrock @ frittur ‘t Festijn in Retie… we got invited by a long-time fan who also happens to be a friturist ( :-) ) to play in a tent next to his workingplace. And fulfillers of dreams that we are (ahum) we, of course, said yes. Let me remind you of the following: this show is in Retie…       the one town where absolute mayhem on OOS-shows  is a common thing so put on your kneecaps and helmets… be prepared for WAR :-) :-)

!!! 4 DECEMBER: Frietrock, Frituur ‘t Festijn (Retie, BE) !!!

BUTBUTBUT, before that you can see us on saturday, November 27th @ a fest called “Antwerp Metalized” @ Zaal Kavka in Antwerp, together with Battalion and others…. BEEEEEEEE THHHHEEEEEERRRRRREEEEEEE!!!!




Progpower USA, here we come!

We sincerely hope that the citizens of Atlanta (US) and surroundings are ready for OOS because we surely are ready for them!
The festival is completely sold-out and WE ARE PSYCHED!


Little update

We thought this might be a good time to give you guys a small update about what’s going on with OOS these days.

First of all: we survived the Graspop Metal Meeting once again, and how! We were the opening band of the whole festival and we had the luck to play a pretty tight set for a completely packed tent. Heads were banging and fist were thrown from the front to the back… it was awesome! Downside was that we were planning to record a live-album… but we failed :-) human errors combined with some technical ones… ah well, no real harm done, we’ll try this again pretty soon I guess :-)

People have send us some cool fan-footage as well which you can check out on YouTube. Special attention to the tribute we did for Peter Steele from Type O negative. I payed we did him honour in a good way…

Up next is continue writing new songs (which HAVE to be epic, we are VERY eager to work on new stuff and make it the best we did so far!)  and at the same time preparing ourselves for the next shows. We hope to see you there!

Black No. 1 Oceans of Sadness GRASPOP 2010

Pride & Shame @ GMM 2010


OOS celebrates 15 years of existence @ Graspop Metal Meeting 2010

Great news friends!

Oceans Of Sadness is invited to kick-off the Graspop Metal Meeting (BE) in 2010!
As you know we celebrate our 15th year of existence this year and so does the Graspop Metal Meeting!
So what’s cooler than celebrating this by kicking-off the festival this year?
This will be a show for the early birds though (Friday 25th of June from 11.30hr ’til 12.10hr) so be there in time if you want to check us out (no disadvantages like staying sober all day for us either :-) )
We’ll be playing a special set containing songs from all 5 albums we’ve released so far… some songs we don’t play often so it’ll be worth it for the real fans and followers of OOS, we promise!!!

Get your tickets asap and make sure you’re there on time!

PS: funny detail: statistically we now have the high-score of playing @ GMM together with Iron Maiden with 6 editions in total… budgetwise it’s a whole different story I’m afraid BUT know that the band will also fly over with our own airplane … one made out of paper but still :-) :-) 


To those who were there last night…


We had the time of our life and if we saw correctly, so did you!

The place was packed and the spirit of the evening was nostalgic yet fucking intense!

Some black eyes and teeth flying in the air… rock ‘n roll!

See you soon, we won’t give in yet :-)

Some fan-filmed-footage :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-fzqRMc9UI&feature=email


-10 years – For We Are – celebration tomorrow

Quick reminder because this will be way more fun than you can imagine!

Tomorrow will do a special double show in our hometown Dessel @ JC Spin. Only 5€ entrance!

First we’ll play the entire For We Are album, our debut from 2000, and after that we’ll do a second set filled with songs of the 4 other albums, a lot of songs we haven’t played for a long long time so it’ll be equally exciting for us as well!

We’re ready! Are you?



07/07/2004 The 16th of July Oceans will start recording the last part of the new album. After the recording there's still a lot of work to do (mixing, mastering, ...) but we hope to finish this in august. Then we hope to find a label... or we have to release it ourselves...

It took a long time but the end of the road is nearby, so be prepared!
01/03/2004 Last week Tijs suffered a collapsed lung. He was hospitalised for one week, and for the moment he recovers at home. The gig at Wervik had to be cancelled for obvious reasons. Thanks to Manic Movement for replacing us.
26/01/2004 Oceans of Sadness would like to thank all the fans (also those from Holland and France) who made the effort to come to the Biebob to support the band. The goal, to raise enough money for new bass-equipment for Bert (after it was stolen), is reached!
It was a good show and a cool audience that night...
26/01/2004 Oceans of Sadness is about to record 4 more songs for the upcoming album (at Midas Studio, Lokeren). A few months ago they already recorded the first 3 tracks... so the new album is taking it's form as we speak and it's going to be fucking heavy! The plan is to go back to the studio once more somewhere in the upcoming months to record the final tracks.
Hopefully the release will see the light without much trouble, although there aren't much labels signing these days.
Some titles are "Precious Gold, Two Voices, Wild Mysterie, Who's in Control?"
17/11/2003 Waterwölves-benefit, an evening with Oceans of Sadness and Ashmolean
+ Waterwölves dj-set (afterwards Metal-party) + special prices!
(due the fact that some asshole recently stole Bert's bass-equipment)
First band (Ashmolean) at 20:30 hr.
Biebob, Vosselaar
25/09/2003 New gigs online, check the Upcoming Gigs section.
12/05/2003 As already confirmed on the Graspop-site, Oceans of Sadness will play at Friday 4th, starting at 15:35 hr. There's a big chance we will try out some new material. So be there and get drunk very early !!!
12/05/2003 V. Doors, a small word of appreciation : "Thanks to all beer-drinking, headbanging & ass-spanking males & females who gave me a great time for the past 7 1/2 years !! I slept less, damaged my brain-cells, drank an incredible amount of beer and other spiritus, I spent a big part of my life amongst 5 ugly metal-lovin' bastards... but still, I enjoyed it. Keep on rockin' in the beer world !!"
07/04/2003 The Guitar will soon be switched from Deurz' shoulder to Cauwie's one.
Check out the gig part on this site.
26/02/2003 Since a few weeks already we're rehearsing with the new guitar player. Tom "Cauwie" Van Cauwenberghe (also in Essatic) joined our ranks, promised us to support Interbrew and never to be sober again.
We'll keep you informed when he plays his first show with OoS.
07/08/2002 Soon the first Waterwölves-project will be realised ;
A compilation-cd will be released, featuring 7 Belgian MetalBands each performing 2 songs.
Keep up with the latest news in the "Waterwölves"-section.
19/07/2002 Lyrics of the latest album "Laughing Tears * Crying Smile" today been added.
Also confirmation that the band will play at Eurorock, Lommel (B).
02/07/2002 "So Close" (also check out the video-section) will appear on a compilation CD of the Dutch Label, Suburban.
Release of this CD is expected later on this year.
01/07/2002 New site finally online, as promised before !! Hope you like it.
Check out the new sections & the forum.
15/06/2002 Official release date of "Laughing Tears * Crying Smile".
By now you should be able to find the album for sale in most record stores throughout the Benelux.
25/05/2002 CD-Release Party at Biebob, Vosselaar (B).
Thanks to all for coming !!! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
Thanks to Panchrysia and Cantar for playing.